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THE PROCEDURE FOR REVIEWING RESEARCH ARTICLES SUBMITTED TO THE MAGAZINE «BULLETIN OF Institute of development of education named after Abdurahman Jami»

The article, coming to the editor are preliminary examination (conducted by members of the editorial board-specialists in the related division of science) and shall be adopted in accordance with the established procedure. Requirements for original articles appear in each issue of the magazine. If the manuscript is accepted, the editorial stuff reports the author comments on the content and design of the article that need to be resolved before transfer the text for analysis. Then the article reviewed compulsorily members of editorial board or experts of the relevant specialty (candidates and doctors of Sciences). The review should contain a reasonable listing qualities article, including scientific novelty of the problem, its relevance, factual and historical value, accuracy, style, using contemporary sources, and also motivated its enumeration deficiencies. In the conclusion of an overall assessment of the articles and recommendations for editorial board-post article, publish it after finalization, directed to an additional consideration specialist for a certain topic or decline. The amount of reviews is not less than one page of text.